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Creating Package Repositories in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: November 2018

Multiple Repositories Under One Domain

The most important reason to run the depot server behind a proxy is to easily run several repositories under one domain name with different prefixes. The example from Configuring a Simple Prefixed Proxy can be easily extended to support multiple repositories.

In this example, three different prefixes of one domain name are connected to three different package repositories:

  • http://pkg.example.com/repo_one is connected to internal.example.com:10000

  • http://pkg.example.com/repo_two is connected to internal.example.com:20000

  • http://pkg.example.com/xyz/repo_three is connected to internal.example.com:30000

The pkg(7) depot server is an SMF managed service. Therefore, to run multiple depot servers on the same system, simply create a new service instance:

$ svccfg -s pkg/server add repo1
$ svccfg -s pkg/server:repo1 setprop pkg/property=value
$ ...

Like the previous example, each depot server runs with 200 threads.

Redirect /repo_one http://pkg.example.com/repo_one/
ProxyPass /repo_one/ http://internal.example.com:10000/ nocanon max=200

Redirect /repo_two http://pkg.example.com/repo_two/
ProxyPass /repo_two/ http://internal.example.com:20000/ nocanon max=200

Redirect /xyz/repo_three http://pkg.example.com/xyz/repo_three/
ProxyPass /xyz/repo_three/ http://internal.example.com:30000/ nocanon max=200