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Creating Package Repositories in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: November 2018

Enabling Users to Retrieve Packages Using an HTTP Interface

This section describes how to configure an HTTP interface for a package repository by configuring a svc:/application/pkg/depot SMF service instance. The pkg/depot instance runs the Apache instance.

Table 3  HTTP Repository Access Configuration Methods Comparison
Configuration Method
pkg/server service
pkg/depot service
Manual Apache configuration
Requires the least amount of configuration. See How to Configure a pkg/server Service Instance.
Provides a scalable package repository server for simultaneous use by a large number of clients. See How to Enable Users to Retrieve Packages Using an HTTP Interface.
Provides scalability and more fine-grained control such as caching, load balancing, multiple repositories behind one domain, and HTTPS access. See Running the Package Depot Server Behind a Web Server.
Does not scale well. This method is most suitable for package development with access by a small number of clients.
Requires a small amount of additional configuration after first configuring a pkg/server instance.
This method is more complex to configure.