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Configuring and Managing Network Components in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: December 2019

Enabling and Disabling ENMs

You use the netadm command to enable and disable ENMs. The basic command syntax is as follows:

$ netadm enable enm-name

For example, you can enable an ENM named test-enm1 as follows:

$ netadm enable test-enm1

ENMs can have a manual or conditional activation mode. If you set the activation-mode property to conditional, the system enables or disables the ENM based on the specified conditions. If you set the activation mode property to manual, you can enable or disable the ENM by using the netadm command. There are no constraints on ENM activation. Zero or more ENMs can be active on a system at any given time. Enabling or disabling an ENM has no effect on other currently active ENMs.

For background information about ENM activation modes, see About ENM Configuration.

Example 10  Enabling ENMs

In the following example, an ENM named test-enm1 is enabled.

$ netadm enable enm test-enm1
Enabling enm 'test-enm1'
Example 11  Disabling ENMs

In the following example, an ENM named test-enm2 is disabled.

$ netadm disable test-enm2
Disabling enm 'test-enm2'