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Configuring and Managing Network Components in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: December 2019

Configuring ENMs in Command-Line Mode

In command-line mode, any netcfg subcommand that affects a selected ENM or property must be performed within the particular scope in which the selected ENM or property exists. Selecting an ENM in command-line mode is the same as selecting an ENM in the interactive mode. The only difference is that in command-line mode all of the subcommands are written on the command-line.

For example, to list an ENM's configuration, you would first select it and then use the list subcommand to display the properties for that ENM:

$ netcfg "select myenm; list"
        activation-mode         manual
        enabled                 false
        start                   "/var/tmp/start_myenm"

    Refer to the following guidelines when using the netcfg command in command-line mode:

  • Separate each subcommand by a semi-colon.

  • Specify the select subcommand from the global scope to move to the profile scope of the ENM.

  • Specify the list subcommand from the profile scope to list the properties that are within that scope.

  • Use straight quotation marks to prevent the shell from interpreting the semi-colons.

Note -  In command-line mode, you must type the complete command on a single line. Changes that you make to a selected profile by using the netcfg command in command-line mode are committed to persistent storage as soon as the command is executed.

You can use any of the netcfg subcommands in command-line mode, except for the walkprop subcommand.