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Configuring and Managing Network Components in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: December 2019

Rules for Valid Link Names

While physical links automatically obtain generic names from the software, you can assign preferred names to other L2 entities that you manually create such as aggregations, VLANs, and others.

The operating system automatically assigns names to physical datalinks. As a best practice, do not revise any of these names. Otherwise, you would introduce complications to future network configuration and maintenance tasks.

For other L2 entities that you create over datalinks, such as aggregations, VLANs, and so on, you can assign preferred names. The names must comply with the following rules:

  • Link names must consist of a string and a physical point of attachment (PPA) number.

  • Link names must abide by the following constraints:

    • Names ideally consist of between 3 to 8 characters. However, names can have a maximum of 31 characters.

    • Valid characters for names are alphanumeric (az, 09) and an underscore (_).


      Caution  -  Do not use upper case letters on link names.

  • Each datalink must have only one link name at any given time.

  • Each datalink must have a unique link name within the system.

For example, a link aggregation might be assigned the name aggr0.

Note -  You cannot use lo0 as a link name. It is reserved to identify the IP loopback interface.