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Configuring and Managing Network Components in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: September 2020

Displaying Information About ENMs

Use the netadm command with the list subcommand to display information about any or all of the ENMs on a system, including the current state of each ENM.

The syntax for the list subcommand is as follows:

$ netadm list [ enm-name ]

For example, you can display all of the ENMs on a system and their current state as follows:

$ netadm list
ENM            STATE
myenm          online
test-enm       disabled
Example 15  Displaying the Current State of a Specified ENM

The following example lists the current state of the ENM named myenm.

$ netadm list myenm
ENM            STATE
myenm          online
Example 16  Displaying Auxiliary State Values of ENMs

The auxiliary state of an ENM provides an explanation about why a given ENM is online or offline (enabled or disabled). To list auxiliary state values, use the –x option with the list subcommand as follows:

$ netadm list -x
ENM            STATE          AUXILIARY STATE
myenm          online         active
test-enm       disabled       disabled by administrator