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Working With Oracle® Solaris 11.4 Directory and Naming Services: LDAP

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Updated: November 2020

Modifying an LDAP Client Configuration

You can use the ldapclient command without a profile to modify a client configuration. Because the modification affects only a limited number of client attributes, you can use the following commands to modify all the selected attributes.

  • Modify an LDAP client to use simple authentication method. For example:

    # ldapclient mod -a authenticationMethod=simple
  • Modify a configured LDAP client to enable updating of shadow data. For example:

    # ldapclient mod -a enableShadowUpdate=TRUE \
    -a adminDN=cn=admin,ou=profile,dc=west,dc=example,dc=com \
    -a adminPassword=admin-password
    System successfully configured