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Working With Oracle® Solaris 11.4 Directory and Naming Services: LDAP

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Updated: November 2020

Transitioning From NIS to LDAP Task Map

The following table identifies the procedures needed to install and manage the N2L service with standard and custom N2L mappings.

For Instructions
Complete all prerequisites.
Be sure that you have properly configured your NIS server and OUD (LDAP server).
Set up the N2L service.
Uses the inityp2l command on the NIS master server to set up either standard mappings or custom or nonstandard mappings.
Customize a map.
Displays examples of custom maps for the N2L transition.
Configure OUD with N2L.
Configures OUD as your LDAP server for the N2L transition.
Troubleshoot the system.
Identifies and resolves common N2L issues.
Revert to NIS.
Revert to NIS using the appropriate map:
Maps based on NIS source files
Maps based on the DIT