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Managing Authentication in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: August 2019

Authentication Services Glossary

password policy

The set of requirements for passwords, such as how often the passwords must be changed, how many password attempts are permitted, and other security considerations. Security policy requires passwords. Password policy might dictate password strength, frequency of change, and permitted alphabet, number, and keyboard modifier keys.


Generally, a plan or course of action that influences or determines decisions and actions. For computer systems, policy typically means security policy. Your site's security policy is the set of rules that define the sensitivity of the information that is being processed and the measures that are used to protect the information from unauthorized access.

See also password policy.


1. In general, a power or capability to perform an operation on a computer system that is beyond the powers of a regular user. A privileged user or privileged application is a user or application that has been granted additional rights.

2. A discrete right on a process in an Oracle Solaris system. Privileges are defined and enforced in the kernel. Privileges are also called process privileges or kernel privileges. For a full description of privileges, see the privileges(7) man page.

security policy

See policy.