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Oracle Switch ES1-24

Service Manual

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Product Notes

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CLI Command Modes


Support and Accessibility

Detecting and Managing Faults

Front Panel LEDs

Rear Panel LEDs

Check Switch Status (LEDs)

Sensors Overview

Check Switch Status (Oracle ILOM)

Component Sensor Targets

Motherboard Sensor Targets

Preparing for Service

ESD Precautions

Tools Needed for Service

Replaceable Components

Remove the Front Support and Air Duct

Remove the CMA

Install the CMA

Servicing Power Supplies

Power Off a Power Supply

Remove a Power Supply

Install a Power Supply

Power On a Power Supply

Servicing the Fan Module

Remove the Fan Module

Install the Fan Module



Remove the Fan Module

Note - The fan module is hot-swappable and does not require powering off the switch. The fan module has four fan units and requires a minimum of three to be functional to meet specification.


Caution - Failure to replace the fan module within 30 seconds could result in the switch powering down due to overheating. If you cannot perform a hot-swap replacement the fan module within 30 seconds, power off the switch by powering off both power supplies. See Power Off a Power Supply

  1. Prepare for service.

    See Preparing for Service.

  2. Consider your next step.
  3. Actuate the fan module release tab by pressing it toward the handle.
    image:Figure shows actuating the release tab by pressing it to the right.
  4. Pull the eject lever out 50 to 60 degrees to unseat the fan module.


    Caution - Do not over extend the eject lever.

    image:Figure shows the eject lever being pulled out and to the left.
  5. Grasp the black handle and gently pull the fan module out of the switch.
    image:Figure shows fan module being pulled out after being released.
  6. Set the fan module aside on an antistatic mat.

    See ESD Precautions.

  7. Install a replacement fan module.

    See Install the Fan Module.

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