6.11 Aborting Some Jobs can Lead to Inconsistencies Between Oracle VM Manager and an Oracle VM Server

Aborting jobs that are in progress within Oracle VM Manager can sometimes lead to inconsistencies between the status reported by Oracle VM Manager and the actual status on an Oracle VM Server. For instance, if you abort the migration of a virtual machine while the operation is in progress, Oracle VM Manager may indicate that the virtual machine is in 'stopped' or 'suspended' status, even though the virtual machine is actually running on an Oracle VM Server. This may impact on operations that you perform subsequently within Oracle VM Manager, resulting in rule-based exceptions that do not match the situation as it is on the affected Oracle VM Server.

Aborting jobs should only be attempted if a job has actually hung and there is no other way to free up locks on the object affected by the job. After aborting a job, it is good practice to refresh any affected objects that may have been affected by the job. For instance if a job affects a virtual machine or Oracle VM Server, you should refresh the Oracle VM Server to ensure that the correct status is reflected in Oracle VM Manager.

Bug 18704027