6.103 Refreshing a NAS-based File System Produces Invalid/Overlapping Exports

When a NAS-based file system is refreshed, it may produce invalid or overlapping exports. During a file system refresh job, all mount points defined in the NAS-based file server's exports file are refreshed, even file systems that are not intended to be used in Oracle VM environments.

Top level directories which also contain subdirectories in the exports file may also cause problems, for example, if an export file contains /xyz as an export location, and also contains /xyz/abc. In this case, the following error may be displayed during a refresh file system job:

OVMRU_002024E Cannot perform operation. File Server: server_name, has invalid exports.

Workaround: For the second issue, to work around this problem, do not export top level file systems in the NAS-based file server's exports file.

Bug 12800760