6.53 (SPARC Only) Uninstall of Oracle VM Agent on an Oracle VM Server in a Clustered Server Pool Fails To Unconfigure Cluster

An uninstall of the Oracle VM Agent on Oracle VM Server for SPARC should only be performed when the Oracle VM Server is no longer assigned to a server pool. This is particularly important if the Oracle VM Server is a member of a clustered server pool. However, if uninstallation is attempted on an Oracle VM Server that is part of a clustered server pool using the ovs-agent-setup unconfigure command, a Lock error may be returned during the process:

agent.lib.filelock.LockError: Lock file /var/run/ovs-agent/cluster.lock
failed: timeout occured.

Aborting the uninstallation because there was an error
during the unconfiguration of the Oracle VM Agent.

Workaround: Remove the cluster lock file before restarting the uninstall command:

# rm /var/run/ovs-agent/cluster.lock
# ovs-agent-setup unconfigure

Bug 18803682