6.105 Errors Occur when Storage Plug-in Versions Do Not Match Oracle VM Server Version

Oracle VM Storage Connect plug-ins for generic as well as vendor-specific storage hardware exist in different versions that have been adapted for use with a particular release of Oracle VM Server. If storage operations in Oracle VM Manager fail consistently with your storage plug-in, verify that the correct plug-in version is installed on your Oracle VM Servers. The lists below show compatibility of Oracle VM Storage Connect plug-ins for Oracle VM Server version 3.0.3, version 3.1.1 and version 3.2.1.

Oracle VM Server Release 3.2.1 (GA release) compatible plug-ins:

  • osc-plugin-manager-1.2.8-26.el5

  • osc-plugin-manager-devel-1.2.8-26.el5

  • osc-oracle-ocfs2-0.1.0-38.el5

  • osc-oracle-netapp-1.2.8-7.el5

  • osc-oracle-generic-1.1.0-74.el5

  • osc-oracle-s7k-0.1.2-50.el5

Oracle VM Server Release 3.1.1 (GA release) compatible plug-ins:

  • osc-plugin-manager-devel-1.2.8-19.el5

  • osc-oracle-netapp-1.2.8-6.el5

  • osc-plugin-manager-1.2.8-19.el5

  • osc-oracle-generic-1.1.0-55.el5

  • osc-oracle-s7k-0.1.2-45.el5

  • osc-oracle-ocfs2-0.1.0-36.el5

Oracle VM Server Release 3.0.3 (GA release) compatible plug-ins:

  • osc-plugin-manager-devel-1.2.8-9.el5

  • osc-oracle-netapp-1.2.8-1.el5

  • osc-plugin-manager-1.2.8-9.el5

  • osc-oracle-generic-1.1.0-44.el5

  • osc-oracle-s7k-0.1.2-31.el5

  • osc-oracle-ocfs2-0.1.0-31.el5

Bug 13938125