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Creating a Custom Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Installation Image

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Updated: December 2017

Modify the Boot Menu

The boot_mods element specifies boot menu modifications to be applied to the image.

In the following example, a specialized boot menu with the title boot1 will be applied to the image. The timeout attribute specifies the time before the default boot entry is automatically activated.

<boot_mods title="boot1" timeout="5">

Within the boot_mods element, you can add individual boot menu entries by adding a new boot_entry element for each new entry. Entries are added sequentially to the boot menu in the order indicated by the insert_at attribute value of start or end for each boot entry.

Note -  Add new entries before the existing with magnifier entry.

The following example shows a sample individual boot_entry element.

   <title_suffix>with screen reader</title_suffix>
   <kernel_args>-B assistive_tech=reader</kernel_args>

For detailed information, see the dc_manifest(4) man page.