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Creating a Custom Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Installation Image

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Updated: December 2017

Modifying the Manifest Content

All the fields in each DC manifest file provide preset default values that will create the type of ISO image you need. You can manually edit these preset fields in a manifest file to further customize the resulting image.

    The following section lists the primary elements in the sample manifest files and a description of those elements.

  • The distro element defines the name of the image you are going to build, as well as the ability to provide an HTTP proxy. See Provide the Image Title.

  • The boot_mods element defines boot menu options, which boot entry is the default, and how long to wait before the default entry is booted. See Provide the Image Title.

  • The target element defines the ZFS dataset that will hold the installation image when it is created. See Specify the Build Area.

  • The software element defines the publisher for both the installation image and the install client, as well as the packages to be installed or uninstalled. See Specify the Build Area.

  • The execution element defines the checkpoints that are executed when building the installation image. You can add your own checkpoints. See Set Up Build Checkpoints.