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Creating a Custom Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Installation Image

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Updated: December 2017

System Requirements for Building Images

In order to use the distribution constructor, your system must meet the system requirements described in the following table.

Table 1  System Requirements
Distribution constructor workspace disk space
8 Gbytes
Oracle Solaris operating system

    You must have the Oracle Solaris operating system (OS) installed on your system. Note the following considerations:

  • Your installed system must have network access. The distribution constructor must be able to access Image Packaging System (IPS) repositories on the network to retrieve packages for the ISO image. You must have network access to the repositories that you specify in the manifest file.

  • You can create only SPARC images on a SPARC system and only x86 images on an x86 system.

  • The Oracle Solaris release version on your system must be the same as the release version of the image that you intend to create with the distribution constructor.

Required packages
The distribution-constructor package, which contains the distribution constructor tool.