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Working With Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Directory and Naming Services: LDAP

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Updated: September 2018

Requirements for LDAP Client Setup

Oracle Solaris clients using LDAP as a naming service must meet the following requirements:

  • The client's domain name must be provided by the LDAP server.

  • The name service switch must point to LDAP for the required services.

  • The client must be configured with all the parameters that define its behavior.

  • ldap_cachemgr must be running on the client.

  • At least one server for which a client is configured must be running.

The ldapclient utility performs all of the listed configuration steps except for starting the server. This chapter provides examples of how to use the ldapclient utility to set up an LDAP client and how to use the various other LDAP utilities to get information about an LDAP client.

Note -  Because LDAP and NIS use the same domain name component that is defined in the network/nis/domain service, Oracle Solaris does not support a configuration in which an NIS client and a native LDAP client coexist on the same client system.