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Working With Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Directory and Naming Services: LDAP

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Updated: September 2018

Prerequisites for the NIS-to-LDAP Transition

Before implementing the N2L service, you must ensure the following items:

  • Make sure that the system is set up as a working traditional NIS server before running the inityp2l script to enable N2L mode.

  • Configure the LDAP directory server on your system.

    The NIS-to-LDAP migration tools support ODSEE and compatible versions of directory servers offered by Oracle. If you use ODSEE, use the idsconfig command to configure the server before you set up the N2L service. For more information about the idsconfig command, see Setting Up the Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition With LDAP Clients and the idsconfig(1M) man page.

    Although other third-party LDAP servers might work with the N2L service, they are not supported by Oracle. If you are using an LDAP server other than ODSEE or compatible Oracle servers, you must manually configure the server to support the schemas of RFC 2307bis, RFC 4876, or later standards before you set up the N2L service.

  • Use files before dns for the config/host property.

  • Ensure that the addresses of the N2L master server and the LDAP server are present in the hosts file on the N2L master server.

    An alternative solution is to list the LDAP server address in ypserv, rather than its host name. Because the LDAP server address is listed in another place, changing the address of either the LDAP server or the N2L master server requires additional file modifications.