Housekeeping Attendants

OPERA stores housekeeping attendant information, daily assignments, and tracks credits or number of rooms cleaned by each attendant. Housekeeping attendants can be assigned to a section or a floor number. Housekeeping attendants can be identified by name or by an attendant number and listed with an active or inactive status.

Configuration>Reservations>Codes>Housekeeping Attendants is where this feature is configured. This feature is available when the Rooms Management>Task Assignment application function is set to Y.

Housekeeping Attendants Screen

Search Criteria

Property. Select another property from this list of values if you are working in a multi property environment. This field is visible when the OPP_MHOT Multi-Property add-on license is active.

Show Inactive. Select this check box to have all attendants with inactive status included in the display list.


The Housekeeping Attendants screen displays the following information.

Attendant ID. Attendant ID belonging to the attendant.

Attendant Name. Attendant's name or number.

Section. Housekeeping section assigned to the attendant. Sections can be set up in Configuration>Reservations>Codes>Housekeeping Sections (see Housekeeping Sections) when the Application Settings>Rooms Management>Housekeeping Sections application parameter is set to Y.

Floor. Floor assigned to the attendant.

Job Title. Job title assigned to the housekeeping attendant.

Days of the Week. Displays a Y if that specific day of the week has been assigned to the housekeeping attendant and an N if the day of the week was not assigned to the housekeeping attendant. Configuring the day of week per attendant allows the property to assign housekeeping tasks by day of the week accordingly.

Adding or Editing a Housekeeping Attendant

Provide the following information in the Housekeeping Attendants - New or Housekeeping Attendants - Edit screen and select the OK button.

Attendant ID. ID code for the attendant.

Mobile No. Attendant's mobile phone number. This number may be used to contact the attendant when the General>Text Message Handling application function is set to Y. For example, text messages can be sent to attendant's cell phones when the Queue Rush Rooms feature is used. See Queue Rush Rooms for details.

Name. Attendant's name.

Floor. Floor assigned to the attendant.

Section. Housekeeping section assigned to the attendant.

Job Code. Attendant's job code.

Inactive. Select this check box to mark the attendant as active or inactive. If it is inactive it is excluded from the display lists within Housekeeping. Any housekeeping attendant can be inactivated as long as they are not included in any current date task sheets.

Days of the Week. Select or un-select the check box to assign specific days of the week to the housekeeping attendant.

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