Account Report Group

Account and Contact Listing - This report is used to show all Accounts and their Contacts that meet the selected filter criteria.

Account Ranking - Catering - This report allows the printing of accounts ranked by a selection of criteria. The data that is being considered for the ranking comes solely from the group bookings associated with the appropriate accounts, not any individual production which might be linked.

Accounts without Contacts - The report identifies Accounts that do not have any Contacts attached. The report should be used as occasional audit report to maintain the integrity of the system and to clean up incomplete or duplicated information in the Sales & Catering system.

Account Production Report - The Account Production report is used to calculate and print actual production of the selected account separately for individuals and groups and as a total.

Account History and Forecast Report - The Account History and Forecast report shows account production for history and future dates. The report is intended to be printed to a file for spreadsheet analysis.

Account Production Difference Report - The Account Production report enables management to identify accounts that drop in production as compared to a similar period in previous years and allows for the appropriate sales actions to be taken to get the account back on track.

Account Hierarchy Report - The Account Hierarchy report allows for the selection of master accounts through select search criteria, and prints details of the master, as well as all associated subsidiary accounts linked to the master by a defined relationship type.

Account Statistics Report - The Account Statistics report shows how many room nights were generated by a master including all of its subsidiaries, and whether the reservations (broken down between group and individual) were attached to a travel agent or source and if so, through which travel agent or source.

Address Cleansing Status - This report, works together with the AddressDoctor address cleansing utility to provide information regarding the status of addresses that have either been verified as valid by AddressDoctor or that have returned errors for various different reasons.

Detailed Profiles - This report represents a 'snapshot' of all relevant data belonging to an account. It is a great source of information before a sales call, or to exchange information about an account with sister hotels or RSOs.

Master Account Production Report by Property - calculates the statistical room nights, revenues, and average rates for accounts, rolling them up from all sub-levels of an account hierarchy to the next, up to the master.