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Oracle® 1.6 TB NVMe SSD User Guide

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Updated: April 2016

Status Indicators

Use the Oracle 1.6 TB NVMe SSD status indicators to determine the status of each drive and perform service actions as required. Three status indicator LEDs are located on the drive bracket to indicate status and diagnose NVMe storage drive issues.

The following illustration shows status indicator LEDs for the Oracle 1.6 TB NVMe SSD.

image:Illustration showing the front of the Oracle 1.6 TB NVMe SSD with LED indicators.
(1) Ready to Remove
  • OFF – The drive has not been prepared for removal. Normal operation.

  • STEADY ON – The drive is in standby power state. The drive can be removed safely during a hot-plug operation. A lit Ready to Remove indicator indicates that service action is allowed on the drive.

(2) Service Action Required
  • OFF – Normal operation.

  • STEADY ON – Service action is required. The system has detected a fault with the drive.

(3) Power/OK/Activity
  • STEADY ON (does not blink) – Drive is engaged and is receiving full power. Normal operation.

  • RANDOM BLINKING – There is drive activity. Status indicator blinks on and off to indicate activity.

  • OFF – Power is off, or installed drive is not recognized by the system.

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