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Oracle® 1.6 TB NVMe SSD User Guide

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Updated: April 2016

NVMe Drive Service Overview

For service, the Oracle 1.6 TB NVMe SSD contains updatable flash ROM for storing the BIOS and firmware, as well as NVRAM for storing nonvolatile configuration data. Use Oracle Hardware Management Pack to monitor and service the SSD. You can also use Oracle Hardware Management Pack for troubleshooting. See Servicing the NVMe Drive Using Oracle Hardware Management Pack.

In addition, you can monitor Oracle 1.6 TB NVMe SSD health and flash media drive life through SSD bracket status indicators (LEDs). The SSD has three status indicators on the drive bracket to indicate activity, drive life, and status. See Status Indicators.

The Oracle 1.6 TB NVMe SSD requires no periodic maintenance. For data protection, the Oracle 1.6 TB NVMe SSD is designed with energy storage components to complete buffered writes to the persistent flash storage in case of a sudden power loss. These energy storage components are designed for the life of the Oracle 1.6 TB NVMe SSD and do not require periodic maintenance.

Note -  Refer to the server documentation for additional NVMe Storage Drive service and firmware download information. Refer to the server's service manual for SSD detailed removal and replacement instructions.