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Oracle® 1.6 TB NVMe SSD User Guide

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Updated: April 2016

Update Your System to the Latest Software Release

It is highly recommended that you update your system to the latest software release before you use the system. Software releases often include bug fixes, and updating ensures that your server software is compatible with the latest server firmware and other component firmware and software.

Note -  System firmware update releases include Oracle 1.6 TB NVMe SSD component firmware updates. When system firmware updates, as described in the server documentation, the Oracle 1.6 TB NVMe SSD firmware automatically updates.
  1. Check the Oracle 1.6 TB NVMe SSD Product Notes for the latest firmware requirements, available at the Oracle 1.6 TB NVMe SSD Documentation Library. Go to:


  2. Download and install any firmware updates required to support the SSD, host bus adapter (HBA), drive backplane, system BIOS, or OBP/system (SPARC) firmware.
    • You can get the latest available system BIOS, Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM), firmware, and drivers from Oracle by performing the Get Updates task in Oracle System Assistant.

      An Internet connection is required. For instructions on how to use the Get Updates task, see the servers administration guide.

    • You also can download the latest firmware and software updates from My Oracle Support at https://support.oracle.com.

      For information about downloading firmware and software from My Oracle Support, see “Getting Server Firmware and Software Updates” in the server documentation.

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