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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Product Notes

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Updated: January 2022

prtdiag -v is Missing Environmental and FRU Status (23619958)

During a server boot, the picl service occasionally fails to establish communications with the Active SP and it does not recover automatically. In that case, the prtdiag -v command fails to show the status of the various current, voltage, and temperature environmental sensors. These sensors are still being monitored, and any failures are appropriately handled by the system firmware and reported by the Fault Management Architecture (FMA).

Workaround: Avoid using the prtpicl and prtdiag commands. Use the FMA fmtopo command or Oracle ILOM commands to obtain the sensor data. The following example shows the Oracle ILOM command to obtain the environmental sensor data from /SYS/CMIOU0.

-> show -t /SYS/CMIOU0 value                     
Target                             | Property     | Value
/SYS/CMIOU0/1V0_STBY_OBPS/V_OUT    | value        | 1.001 Volts
/SYS/CMIOU0/1V5_STBY_OBPS/V_OUT    | value        | 1.498 Volts
/SYS/CMIOU0/1V8_STBY_OBPS/V_OUT    | value        | 1.801 Volts
/SYS/CMIOU0/2V5_STBY_OBPS/V_OUT    | value        | 2.498 Volts
/SYS/CMIOU0/3V3_STBY_OBPS/V_OUT    | value        | 3.302 Volts
/SYS/CMIOU0/5V0_STBY_OBPS/V_OUT    | value        | 5.039 Volts
/SYS/CMIOU0/CM/CMP/BOB00/CH0/DIMM/ | value        | 35.000 degree C
 T_AMB                             |              |
/SYS/CMIOU0/CM/CMP/BOB00/T_B       | value        | 35.250 degree C
/SYS/CMIOU0/CM/CMP/BOB01/CH0/DIMM/ | value        | 34.250 degree C
 T_AMB                             |              |

Recovery: Restart the picl service.

svcadm restart picl