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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Product Notes

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Updated: January 2022

CMIOU Ready to Remove LED Remains Lit Even When prepare_to_remove_status = Not Ready (26409633)

When an installed Standby SP is not responsive to the Active SP (for example, when the Standby SP Oracle ILOM property, prepare_to_remove, is Ready), setting the prepare_to_remove property to true for a CMIOU will fail. The CMIOU prepare_to_remove_status will be Not Ready, but the CMIOU's blue Ready to Remove LED will remain lit.

In the following example, CMIOU0 cannot be prepared to be removed because the Standby SP is not responsive. Although the CMIOU0 prepare_to_remove_status is Not Ready, the CMIOU0 Ready to Remove LED (OK2RM) will be on.

-> set /SYS/CMIOU0 prepare_to_remove_action=true
set: Internal error

-> show /SYS/CMIOU0 prepare_to_remove_status
        prepare_to_remove_status = Not Ready

-> show /SYS/CMIOU0/OK2RM value
        value = On

Recovery: If the Standby SP has been prepared to be removed using Oracle ILOM commands, but it is not yet physically removed, complete the SP replacement procedure before attempting to replace a CMIOU. Alternatively, you can return the Standby SP to service before attempting to replace a CMIOU.

Workaround: When both a CMIOU and a SP must be serviced, remove and install the CMIOU before removing and installing the SP, or vice versa. Complete the replacement procedure for one component before starting to replace the second component.