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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Product Notes

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Updated: January 2022

Intermittently ereport.io.device.inval_state is seen after SP force failover (26778934)

On SPARC M8 servers, the USB host controller that connects SPs to the system might hang on device disconnect (for example, during SP failover). During the recovery process, while the USB host controller is not operating correctly, an FMA ereport (device inval_state) might be generated.

# fmdump -e
TIME                 CLASS 
Sep 08 18:17:08.7644 ereport.io.device.inval_state 

# fmdump -eV 
TIME                           CLASS 
Sep 08 2017 18:17:08.764470128 ereport.io.device.inval_state 
nvlist version: 0 
        class = ereport.io.device.inval_state 
        ena = 0x1bac0066167d2c01 
        detector = (embedded nvlist) 
        nvlist version: 0 
                version = 0x0 
                scheme = dev 
                cna_dev = 0x59b33a8000000011 
                device-path = /pci@304/pci@1/usb@0 
        (end detector) 

        __ttl = 0x1 
        __tod = 0x59b34114 0x2d90e370 

Recovery: You can safely ignore FMA ereports that are generated in this case.

Workaround: Issue the fmadm command to repair the faulted component.