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Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.3 Release Notes

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Updated: June 2017

Administration Issues

Unable To Reset acfs_mountpoint Property When the SUNW.scalable_acfs_proxy Resource Is Disabled (16928490)

Problem Summary: You cannot reset the acfs_mountpoint property of a SUNW.scalable_acfs_proxy resource if it is disabled.

Workaround: The acfs_mountpoint property can be set only at resource creation time. To change the acfs_mountpoint property, you must delete and re-create the resource.

clzonecluster install -a archive-no-cluster-pkgs zone-cluster Does Not Install Cluster Packages (18714803)

Problem Summary: This issue might occur when you install a zone cluster from an Oracle Solaris Unified Archive created from a source that does not have cluster packages in it.

Workaround: Manually install the cluster packages within the zone cluster.

IPv6 Scalable Service Support Is Not Enabled By Default (15290321)

Problem Summary: IPv6 interfaces are not plumbed on the interconnect adapters by default. This IPv6 plumbing is required for forwarding IPv6 scalable service packets.

Workaround: All cluster nodes must first be prepared to run IPv6. This preparation includes proper configuration of network interfaces, server/client application software, name services, and routing infrastructure. Not doing so could result in unexpected failures of network applications. See your Oracle Solaris documentation on IPv6 before enabling IPv6 scalable services on a cluster.

To enable IPv6 scalable service support:

  1. Add the following line to /etc/system on all nodes.

    set cl_comm:ifk_disable_v6=0
  2. Enable IPv6 plumbing.

    • If reboot is allowed, reboot all cluster nodes. Reboot the nodes one at a time to minimize outage time.

    • If reboot is not allowed, run the following utility to enable IPv6 plumbing on the interconnect adapters.

      # /usr/cluster/lib/sc/config_ipv6

      This utility brings up an IPv6 interface on all the cluster interconnect adapters with a link-local address. It enables proper forwarding of IPv6 scalable service packets over the interconnects.

Removing a Node From an Exclusive-IP Zone Cluster Panics the Cluster Nodes (15817184)

Problem Summary: When a zone-cluster node is removed from an exclusive-IP zone cluster, the global-cluster nodes that host the exclusive-IP zone cluster panics. The issue is seen only on a global-cluster with InfiniBand interconnects.

Workaround: Halt the exclusive-IP zone cluster before you remove the zone-cluster node.

EMC SRDF Rejects Switchover When Replicated Device-Group Status Will Cause Switchover and Switchback to Fail (15538295)

Problem Summary: In a campus cluster, If an EMC SRDF device group whose replica pair is split attempts to switch the device group over to another node, the switchover fails. Furthermore, the device group is unable to come back online on the original node until the replica pair has been returned to a paired state.

Workaround: Verify that SRDF replicas are not split before you attempt to switch the associated Oracle Solaris Cluster global-device group to another cluster node.

clzonecluster apply Fails to Add Device and Filesystem Into the shared-ip Zone with Errors (21541048)

Problem Summary: When IPv6 or ACFS is configured in a zone, the clzonecluster apply command might fail with an error and without making any configuration changes to the system. This issue occurs because the zonecfg –z zc info –r command fails to list live configurations of the zone.

Workaround: When IPv6 or ACFS is configured in a zone, reboot the zone cluster instead of using the clzonecluster apply command to reconfigure the zone cluster.