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Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.3 Release Notes

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Updated: June 2017

Installation Issues

Same DID Device Being Created for All Boot Disks When Installed With Oracle VM Server for SPARC Template (23755653)

Problem Summary: After deploying the Oracle VM Server for SPARC template for Oracle Solaris Cluster when using a boot disk that is backed by a file or a ZFS volume (zvol), the DID number for the boot disk is the same on all nodes. Such devices might then be mistakenly considered available for certain operations, like configuring a quorum device.

Workaround: Configure a raw-disk device as the boot disk on all target domains being deployed. For example:

# /opt/ovmtutils/bin/ovmtdeploy -d osc43 \
-o /domains/osc43 -k -s  -c 8 \
-e net0,net2,net3 \
-v /dev/rdsk/c0t5000CCA00AC0E10Cd0s2 \

scinstall Fails While Using Only IPv6 for a Public Network Configuration (16355496)

Problem Summary: scinstall fails while configuring a cluster if the public network has only IPv6 addresses configured. You might get an error message stating that the second node is an unknown host.

Workaround: Configure IPv4 addresses just for the scinstall configuration. Once the cluster has been formed, the IPv4 addresses can be removed.

Hard to Determine Data Service Names for solaris10 Branded Zone Noninteractive Data Service Installation (15804349)

Problem Summary: Determining the agent names to specify when using the clzonecluster install-cluster command to install agents with the –s option is difficult.

Workaround: When using the clzonecluster install-cluster -d dvd -s {all | software-component[,…]} options zone-cluster command to create a solaris10 brand of zone cluster, you can specify the following cluster components with the –s option:

  • geo

  • 9ias

  • apache

  • container

  • dhcp

  • dns

  • ebs (SPARC only)

  • hadb

  • ids

  • iws

  • kerberos

  • livecache

  • mqi

  • mqs

  • mys

  • n1ge

  • n1sps

  • nfs

  • obiee (SPARC only)

  • oep

  • ohs

  • opmn

  • oracle

  • pax (SPARC only)

  • PeopleSoft (SPARC only)

  • PostgreSQL

  • rac

  • s1as

  • s1mq

  • saa (SPARC only)

  • sag (SPARC only)

  • sap

  • sapdb

  • sapnetw

  • sapwebas

  • siebel (SPARC only)

  • smb

  • sybase

  • TimesTen

  • tomcat

  • wls

  • xvm (SPARC only)