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Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.3 Release Notes

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Updated: June 2017

Browser Interface Issues

HA-Zones Wizard Should Permit Kernel Zones Live Migration for SPARC (23025005)

Problem Summary: When running the HA for Oracle Solaris Zones configuration wizard on a SPARC cluster, the wizard does not permit setting live migration for kernel zones.

Workaround: Use the clsetup utility instead. Consult Oracle support to learn if a fix becomes available.

Unable to Install Oracle Solaris Cluster for solaris10 Branded Zone (19064831)

Problem Summary: If a solaris10 branded zone cluster is installed with an archive that does not contain the Oracle Solaris Cluster software, you cannot install the software separately using the browser interface.

Workaround: Use the clzonecluster install-cluster command to install the Oracle Solaris Cluster software on a solaris10 brand of zone cluster.

Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager Configuration Wizard Configures Only Three Nodes Out of the Four (21490228)

Problem Summary: While using the Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager configuration wizard to configure a four-node cluster from one of the nodes, the user interface reports an exception after successfully configuring three nodes. Because the Finish button is disabled, the user cannot configure the last cluster node on the local node.

Workaround 1: Close the browser interface configuration wizard and use scinstall to configure the last node of the cluster.

Workaround 2: When the exception is thrown in the browser interface wizard, close the popup showing the error. The Finish button will be disabled so instead click on the Cancel button. The wizard will proceed to the last panel where the cluster check logs will be displayed. Press the Finish button in this panel and that will start the configuration on the last node.

Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager Browser Interface Cannot Run Under Trusted Extensions (21323252)

Problem Summary: The Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager browser interface cannot be used if Trusted Extensions is enabled.

Workaround: Use the command-line interface for managing clusters with Trusted Extensions.

Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager Browser Interface Reports a Connection to the Server Failed Error (21480830)

Problem Summary: A pop-up window with the error, connection to the server failed, shows up. The error status is 500.

Workaround: Close the existing browser window and login again to the user interface.

Deleting Zone Cluster by Using clzonecluster Causes the Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager Page to Loop (21555137)

Problem Summary: If the zone cluster details page is open in the Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager browser interface when the same zone cluster is being deleted by using the clzonecluster delete command, then the browser interface keeps refreshing indefinitely.

Workaround: Close all tabs of the browser to end the session. If required, manually delete the session cookies. Restart the browser interface.

Errors DCA-29000, http 500, JBO-29114 Displayed If User Removes the Current Cluster From Site on Site Protection Group (21661908)

Problem Summary: An error message is displayed on the Site Details page if you remove the current cluster from the site.

Workaround: Perform the following workaround steps:

  1. Remove the cookie for the node hosting the application server from the browser's saved cookies.

  2. Log in again to the same node through the browser.

  3. Remove the cluster from the site in one of the following ways:

    • Remove the current cluster from the site from the All Sites table by using the Leave Site action, rather than the Site Details page.

    • Remove the current cluster from the site by issuing commands at the command line.