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Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.3 Release Notes

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Updated: June 2017

Compatibility Issues

Restriction of Support for StorageTek QFS

At the time of initial release, Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.3 software does not support StorageTek QFS software. Contact your Oracle support representative to learn whether a version of StorageTek QFS software becomes supported with Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.3. You can also check the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4 Compatibility Guide for the latest StorageTek QFS support information.

Restriction of the Use of EMC SRDF in a Campus Cluster

At the time of initial release, the use of EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) data replication for a campus cluster configuration is not yet qualified with Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.3 software. The Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.3 documentation that references this configuration should currently be ignored. Consult the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4 Compatibility Guide to learn whether this capability later becomes qualified with Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.3 software.

FIPS-140 Compatibility

Most data services are capable of being used on a cluster node running Oracle Solaris 11.3 in FIPS-140 mode. However, the following data services are not compatible with FIPS-140:

  • HA for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

  • HA for Oracle Database

  • HA for Oracle E-Business Suite

  • HA for Oracle GlassFish Server Message Queue

  • HA for Oracle iPlanet Web Server

  • HA for Samba

  • HA for Siebel

  • HA for Sybase ASE

For the latest information about which data services are not FIPS-140 compatible, see the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4 Compatibility Guide.

The Output of the verifyrwprojects API Was Changed From the Original Format (23108669)

Problem Summary: The output of the verifyrwprojects API in the ZFS Storage Appliance AK releases are undeterministic and might produce outputs in different formats. Because of this, the clnasdevice add-dir command might add ZFS Storage Appliance projects that do not exist on the Storage Appliance device or projects that exist but have invalid configuration to the cluster configuration, but the command would report no error messages about such invalid projects.

Workaround: Before you use the clnasdevice add-dir command to add any projects to the cluster configuration, run the following command to identify valid ZFS Storage Appliance projects:

# clnasdevice find-dir zfssa-device-name

Restriction of Oracle Grid Infrastructure Support for DLMP Link Aggregations or VNICs in Shared-IP Zones (21660315)

Oracle Grid Infrastructure software does not currently support the use of DLMP link aggregations or VNICs in a shared-IP non-global zone. This restriction affects Oracle Solaris Cluster zone cluster configurations with Oracle RAC using Grid Infrastructure, and with HA for Oracle Database using Oracle ASM.

To use Grid Infrastructure in an Oracle Solaris Cluster configuration running Oracle RAC or HA for Oracle Database in a shared-IP zone cluster, use only IPMP groups for public network management.

md_stripe: WARNING: md: write error, md: Panic due to lack of DiskSuite state (21785654)

Problem Summary: Sometimes newfs can cause panic in iSCSI LUNs with ZFS Storage Appliance (ZFSSA) 2011.1.9.x firmware and SVM metaset configuration.

Workaround: Contact Oracle support services to ask if a patch or a workaround is available.

listrwprojects Client Interface Not Listing Projects That Have Extra IPs (19982694)

Problem Summary: The clnas find-dir command fails to display ZFSSA projects that are setup for use by the cluster when the project contains additional IPs in its NFS Exceptions list. This problem is not encountered if the project's NFS Exceptions list only contains the IPs corresponding to the cluster nodes.

Workaround: Remove the extra IPs in the NFS Exceptions list if the extra IPs are not required. If you require the extra IPs in the NFS Exception list, add the project using the clnas add-dir project command.

VNIC Names Longer Than 16 Characters Cause Problems (17362337)

Problem Summary: If you use long names for VNICs in exclusive-IP zone clusters (solaris and solaris10 brands of zone clusters), you might not be able to choose the VNIC during system configuration.

Workaround: When using VNICs for zone clusters, the name of the VNIC must be less than 16 characters long.

Zone Does Not Boot if pkg:/system/resource-mgmt/resource-cap Is Not Installed and capped-memory Is Configured (15740089)

Problem Summary: If the package pkg:/system/resource-mgmt/resource-cap is not installed and a zone is configured with the capped-memory resource control as part of the configuration, the zone boot fails. Output is similar to the following:

zone 'zone-1': enabling system/rcap service failed: entity not found
zoneadm: zone 'zone-1': call to zoneadmd failed

Workaround: Install the pkg:/system/resource-mgmt/resource-cap package into the global zone. Once the resource-cap package is installed, the zone can boot.

Active:Active ZFS Storage Appliance Clustered Configurations Are Not Supported (15521899)

Problem Summary: Simultaneously replicating from both heads in an active:active clustered ZFS SA configuration is not supported. This is a ZFS Storage Appliance product restriction (see Bug 15521899).

Workaround: Active:passive configurations are currently supported in a clustered configuration.