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Oracle® Solaris Cluster Hardware Administration Manual

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Updated: February 2017

Installing Oracle Solaris Cluster Hardware

The following procedure lists the tasks for installing a cluster and where to find instructions.

Table 1  Task Map: Installing Cluster Hardware
For Instructions
Plan for cluster hardware capacity, space, and power requirements.
The site planning documentation that shipped with your nodes and other hardware
Verify that your system is supported.
Install the nodes.
The documentation that shipped with your nodes
Install the administrative console.
The documentation that shipped with your administrative console
Install a console access device.
Use the procedure that is indicated for your type of console access device. Your server might use a System Service Processor (SSP) as a console access device, rather than a terminal concentrator.
The documentation that shipped with your hardware
Install the cluster interconnect hardware.
Install the public network hardware.
Install and configure the shared disk storage arrays.
The Oracle Solaris Cluster manual that pertains to your storage device as well as to the device's own documentation
Install the Oracle Solaris Operating System and Oracle Solaris Cluster software.
Configure the cluster interconnects.