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Managing Service Requests

A service request is any request that research candidates might make to their department for which the department would want to track and maintain the status of each request. Examples of service requests can include:

See Setting Up Research Service Requests

See Creating and Updating Service Requests (Candidates)

See Administering Service Requests (Administrators)

See Setting Up Service Request Assignments

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Service Request Management


select Records and Enrollment, then select Graduate Research Management, then select Service Request Management

Manage service requests.

Access the Service Request Management page (select Records and Enrollment, then select Graduate Research Management, then select Service Request Management).

Image: Service Request Management page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Service Request Management page. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

Service Request Management page

Service requests that result in changes to the candidate’s information require changes to be made in the Candidate Management component.

Use this page to review and process service requests made by the candidate–for example, a request for a leave of absence.

Field or Control


Send Notifications icon

For information about the Send Notification button,

See Using Online Notifications

Category (service request category)

The values available here are defined on the Service Request Categories page.

Type (service request type)

The values available here are defined on the Service Request Type page.

Subtype (service request subtype)

The values available here are defined on the Request Subtype group box of the Service Request Type page.

This is a required field if the institution has defined a subtype for the service request type.

Candidate Number

Because service requests can be submitted prior to the candidate being admitted to a research program, this field may initially be blank. Once assigned to a research program, assign the candidate number if the service request is related.

Service Request Details

This effective dated section of the page tracks the initial service request details and then documents the review and resolution of the request by the administrator.

Field or Control


Request Date

Enter the date of the service request.


A rich text format field for free form comments.

Display Comment to Student

Select if you want the text entered in the Comment field to be displayed on the My Request Detail self-service page for the student.

Assigned To

Displays the EmplID of the administrator to whom the service request is assigned. The system automatically assigns the service request to an administrator. Users can reassign the service request to another administrator if needed.

See Setting Up Service Request Assignments

Approver ID

If required, select the EmplID of the person that approved the service request.


Select a status from the available list. Available statuses include those assigned to a research group code that is associated with a user defined requirement type.

The Status values are defined in the Research Status Code setup component. The available research status codes are those defined with the System Usage value equal to Requests. This is a required field.

Status Date

The date when the status was entered.

Updated By

The user who last updated the service request.

Last Updated

The date and time when the service request was last updated.

File Attachments

Add and view attachments for the specific service request.