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Oracle® Exadata Storage Server X7-2 EF and HC Service Manual

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Updated: February 2019

Install a Flash Riser Board

The system motherboard provides two slots (labeled 0 M.2 and 1 M.2) for flash riser boards. When installing flash riser boards, install the first riser board into slot 0 M.2 and then into 1 M.2.

  1. Unpack the replacement flash riser board and place it on an antistatic mat.

    If required, ensure that you installed an M.2 flash SSD onto the riser board before installing the riser board into the server. For instructions, see Install an M.2 Flash SSD.

  2. Install the flash riser board.
    1. Ensure that the ejector tabs are in the open position.
    2. Align the notch in the replacement riser board with the connector key in the connector socket.

      The notch ensures that the riser board is oriented correctly.

    3. Push the riser board into the connector socket until the riser board is securely seated in the socket.


      Caution  -  If the riser board does not easily seat into the connector socket, verify that the notch in the riser board is aligned with the connector key in the connector socket. If the notch is not aligned, damage to the riser board might occur.

      image:Figure showing an M.2 flash riser board being installed                                     into the server.
    4. Rotate the riser board socket ejectors inward until the ejector tabs lock the riser board in place.
  3. (Optional) Repeat Step 2 to install a second flash riser board into the server.
  4. Return the server to operation.
    1. Install the server top cover.

      See Install the Server Top Cover.

    2. Return the server to the normal rack position.

      See Return the Server to the Normal Rack Position.

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