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Oracle® Exadata Storage Server X7-2 EF and HC Service Manual

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Updated: April 2019

Install SAS Storage Drive Cables

  1. Install the SAS cables between the disk backplane and the rear PCIe slots [1].

    Route the SAS cable bundle through the cable trough along the left side of the chassis.

    image:Figure showing SAS cables being installed into the                             server.
  2. Reconnect the SAS cables to the Oracle Storage 12Gb SAS PCIe RAID HBA, Internal card in PCIe slot 11 [2].

    Plug each cable into its SAS connector until you hear an audible click. To ensure proper connections, see the SAS cable connections table in Step 3. See also Install the Internal HBA Card and HBA Super Capacitor.

    Note -  SAS cable kit, part number 7117126 is required to connect the SAS Host Bus Adapter (HBA) card to the disk backplane.
  3. Reconnect the SAS cables to the disk backplane [3].

    Plug each cable into its SAS connector until you hear an audible click.

    When attaching SAS cables, ensure that you match the numbers on the SAS cables with the SAS connectors on the disk backplane and on the HBA card. Use the following table to ensure proper SAS connections between the storage drive backplane and the HBA card.

    HBA Card
    PCIe Slot Location
    HBA Connector
    Disk Backplane Connector
    Storage Drives (HC only)
    Oracle Storage 12 Gb SAS PCIe RAID HBA, Internal
    0, 1, 2, 3
    4, 5, 6, 7
    8, 9, 10, 11
  4. Return the server to operation.
    1. Install the fan tray.

      See Install the Fan Tray.

    2. Install the fan modules.

      See Install a Fan Module.

    3. Install the air baffle.

      See Install the Air Baffle.

    4. Install the server top cover.

      See Install the Server Top Cover.

    5. Return the server to the normal rack position.

      See Return the Server to the Normal Rack Position.

    6. Reconnect the power cords to the power supplies, and power on the server.

      See Reconnect Power and Data Cables and Power On the Server.

    7. Verify that the power supply AC OK LED is lit.

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