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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.6: C User's Guide

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Updated: July 2017

1.1 What's New in C Version 5.14 Oracle Developer Studio 12.6 Release

The new and changed features in the current C compiler release are as follows:

  • Support for SPARC M6, M7, and T7 processors.

  • Support for the Intel Broadwell/avx2_i processor.

  • Many SIMD (__m128{d|i}) intrinsic functions are provided for SPARCACE and SPARCACE+.

  • Support for x86 dataspace profiling.

  • New compiler options:

    • –features=[no%]mergestrings causes the compiler to put string literals and other suitable const or read-only data into a special section of the binary where the linker removes duplicate strings. This option is available only on SPARC.

    • –xatomic specifies which atomics support runtime library is linked.

    • –xcheck=noreturn informs the compiler to add code to cause a runtime error if a routine which has been described as "do not return" returns.

    • –xsecure_code_analysis enables compiler secure code analysis to find and display possible memory safety violations at compile time.