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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Analytics Guide, Release OS8.7.0

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Updated: March 2017

BUI Icon Reference

Hover over saved worksheet entries to expose the following controls:

Table 4  BUI Icons
image:icon indicating to send the worksheet with the                                             support bundle
Upload this worksheet bundle to Oracle support for analysis. The appliance must be registered for the Phone Home Service (see Phone Home Configuration in Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Administration Guide, Release OS8.7.0) before attempting to upload. You will be prompted to enter a Service Request (SR) number, which is provided by Oracle support personnel when requesting a worksheet.
image:icon indicating an item can be cloned
Append the datasets saved in this worksheet to the current worksheet in Open Worksheets
image:icon indicating an item can be edited
Edit the worksheet to change the name and comment
image:icon indicating an item can be discarded or                                             destroyed
Destroy this worksheet