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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Analytics Guide, Release OS8.7.0

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Updated: March 2017

Background Patterns

Normally graphs are displayed with various colors against a white background. If data is unavailable for any reason the graph will be filled with a pattern to indicate the specific reason for data unavailability:

  • image:Image The gray pattern indicates that the given statistic was not being recorded for the time period indicated. This is either because the user had not yet specified the statistic or because data gathering had been explicitly suspended.

  • image:Image The red pattern indicates that data gathering was unavailable during that period. This is most commonly seen because the system was down during the time period indicated.

  • image:Image The orange pattern indicates an unexpected failure while gathering the given statistic. This can be caused by a number of aberrant conditions. If it is seen persistently or in critical situations, contact your authorized support resource and/or submit a support bundle. For more information on how to submit a support bundle, see Working with Support Bundles in Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Customer Service Manual .