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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Analytics Guide, Release OS8.7.0

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Updated: March 2017

Adjusting Graphs

Graphs provide the following features:

  • The left panel lists components of the graph, if available. Since this graph was "... broken down by CPU identifier", the left panel lists CPU identifiers. Only components which had activity in the visible window (or selected time) will be listed on the left.

  • Left panel components can be clicked to highlight their data in the main plot window.

  • Left panel components can be shift clicked to highlight multiple components at a time (such as in this example, with all four CPU identifiers highlighted).

  • Left panel components can be right clicked to show available drilldowns.

  • Only ten left panel components will be shown to begin with, followed by "...". You can click the "..." to reveal more. Keep clicking to expand the list completely.

  • The graph window on the right can be clicked to highlight a point in time. In the example screenshot, 15:52:26 was selected. Click the pause button followed by the zoom icon to zoom into the selected time. Click the time text to remove the vertical time bar.

  • If a point in time is highlighted, the left panel of components will list details for that point in time only. Note that the text above the left box reads "At 15:52:26:", to indicate what the component details are for. If a time wasn't selected, the text would read "Range average:".

  • Y-axis auto scales to keep the highest point in the graph (except for utilization statistics, where are fixed at 100%).

  • The line graph button image:icon indicating to show a line graph will change this graph to plot just lines without the flood-fill. This may be useful for a couple of reasons: some of the finer detail in line plots can be lost in the flood fill, and so selecting line graphs can improve resolution. This feature can also be used to vertical zoom into component graphs: first, select one or more components on the left, then switch to the line graph.

  • To magnify a time range, click where you want the range to begin, shift-click at the end, and click the zoom-in icon image:image indicating that a time range can be magnified

The following features are common to graphs and quantize plots:

  • The height may be expanded. Look for a white line beneath in the middle of the graph, click and drag downwards.

  • The width will expand to match the size of your browser.

  • Click and drag the move icon image:icon indicating an item can be moved to switch vertical location of the statistics.