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Oracle® ILOM Security Guide For Firmware Releases 3.x and 4.x

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Updated: December 2019

Configure WS-Management Access for Increased Security

Note -  As of firmware release 3.1.2, the WS-MAN API has been deprecated in Oracle ILOM. Oracle ILOM versions 3.1.2 and earlier will continue to support the WS-MAN API.

As of firmware release 3.0.8 to firmware release 3.1.2, Oracle ILOM provides a standard, web-services interface for monitoring the health of the server and providing inventory information using a protocol called Ws-Management (Ws-Man).

The Oracle ILOM Ws-Man interface also allows for peer control of the host and for resetting the Oracle ILOM SP itself. Ws-Man is a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)-based protocol, leveraging the HTTP(S) protocols. The Oracle ILOM Ws-Man interface can be used with either HTTP or HTTPS as a transport. If HTTPS is used, the channel is encrypted using an SSL certificate. For information about the security benefits of using SSL certificates, as well as the difference between self-signed versus trusted certificates, see Improve Security by Using a Trusted SSL Certificate and Private Key.

Use this web-services interface only if SSL certificates are being used. For Increased security, use HTTPS as the transport mechanism. For more information about configuring web server properties, see Configure the Web Interface for Increased Security.