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Oracle® ILOM Security Guide For Firmware Releases 3.x and 4.x

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Updated: December 2019

KVMS Remote Communication and Encryption

The Oracle ILOM Remote System Console, Remote System Console Plus, and the CLI Storage Redirection applications use a series of network protocols to remotely communicate with Oracle ILOM. Using these Java applications, you can control the host keyboard and mouse and mount a local storage device (such as a CD or DVD drive) on the remote server.

The following table describes, in more detail, the way in which Remote KVMS information is transmitted over the network.

Table 10  KVMS Features and Encryption
KVMS Feature
Encrypted or Not Encrypted
Mouse Redirection
The coordinates of your mouse are securely sent over the network to Oracle ILOM.
Keyboard redirection
Any characters that you type on the client machine are transmitted to Oracle ILOM using an encrypted protocol.
Video redirection
The video data is transmitted using an encrypted protocol between the Java client and Oracle ILOM.
Storage Redirection
Not Encrypted
Data read and written to a storage device is transmitted over the network to Oracle ILOM without encryption.

For a list of network ports enabled by remote KVMS, see Figure 4, Table 4, Services and Ports Enabled by Default.