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Oracle® ILOM Security Guide For Firmware Releases 3.x and 4.x

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Updated: December 2019

Modify the KVMS Service State and Ports

Before You Begin

  • The KVMS service State property is enabled by default in Oracle ILOM. For a list of the open network ports that are associated with the KVMS service, see Figure 4, Table 4, Services and Ports Enabled by Default.

  • The Admin (a) role is required to modify the KVMS State property in Oracle ILOM.

    Note -  The Oracle ILOM KVMS consoles require the Java Runtime Environment to be either Java 7 update131 or later, Java 8, or Java 9. All Java versions support v1.2. However, if a version prior to Java 7u131 is installed, you will need to manually enable TLS v1.2 , or update your system with a later Java version. To download the latest Java Runtime Environment, go to http://java.com.

    Note -  As of Oracle ILOM 4.0.0, TLS v1.0 is not supported. As of Oracle ILOM 4.0.4, TLS v1.1 is disabled by default. TLS v1.2 is enabled by default.
  1. Navigate to the KVMS tab in the Oracle ILOM web interface.

    For instance, in the:

    • 3.0.x web interface, click Remote Control -> KVMS.
    • 3.1 and later web interface, click Remote Console -> KVMS.
  2. In the KVMS tab modify the KVMS State property, and then click Save to apply the change.

    Note that disabling the State property results in closing the respective open KVMS service network ports; thereby preventing the use of: a) the remote host console, and b) the Oracle ILOM Remote Console and the Oracle ILOM Remote Storage CLI; or the Oracle ILOM Remote Console Plus.

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