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Oracle® ILOM Security Guide For Firmware Releases 3.x and 4.x

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Updated: December 2019

Update Oracle ILOM Firmware

Before You Begin

  • Admin (a) role in Oracle ILOM is required to update the Oracle ILOM firmware.

  • Notify all Oracle ILOM users of the scheduled firmware update and ask them to close all client sessions until the firmware update is complete.

  • The firmware update process takes several minutes to complete, during this time no other Oracle ILOM tasks should be performed.

  1. Download the latest software update available for your server from the My Oracle Support (MOS) web site.

    If necessary, refer to the documentation provided with your server for instructions for obtaining software updates from MOS.

    Note - The latest Oracle ILOM firmware version available for your server is included in the latest software patch that is posted on MOS for your server.
  2. Place the firmware image on a local or network shared drive.
  3. Navigate to the Firmware Update page in the web interface.

    For instance:

    • In the 3.0.x web interface, click Maintenance -> Firmware.
    • In the 3.1 or later web interface, click ILOM Administration -> Maintenance -> Firmware Upgrade.
  4. In the Firmware Upgrade page, click Enter Firmware Upgrade mode, and then follow the prompts.

    For users running Oracle ILOM firmware 3.2 or later, click the More details link on the Firmware Upgrade page.