Oracle Assisted Selling is a native iOS application for use by store associates that provides retailers using the Oracle Commerce Cloud with consistent omni-channel functionality between the brick and mortar and digital channels. The service uses the underlying Commerce Cloud platform, tools, and APIs to access the catalog, promotions, pricing, and profile information used in the digital, online store. The result is a consistent experience for shoppers of the brand between the digital channel and in-store channel.

Associates are able to help shoppers learn about products, as well as provide guidance and up-/cross-sell opportunities. Store associates can use the Assisted Selling to access the digital catalog managed through the Commerce Cloud Admin tool and sell those items to shoppers in the store. It also enables store associates to look up shopper order history and update shopper profile information, as well as access a shopper’s cart that was started online. With Assisted Selling , the in-store associate can add items to the shopper’s cart and accept credit card tender.

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