1.2 Installing and Configuring a Spacewalk Server

1.2.1 Oracle Linux Requirements

Oracle supports Spacewalk servers that are running on Oracle Linux 6 (x86_64).

You should install Oracle Linux 6 using the Minimal or Basic Server software set. If you select additional package groups during installation, you must remove the jta package before installing Spacewalk, as this package causes Spacewalk services to fail to start.

Only install Spacewalk using the packages provided by Oracle from the Oracle Yum Server repository at http://yum.oracle.com.

No third-party package repositories are required to install Spacewalk on Oracle Linux 6. All the required packages are available in the Oracle Linux Spacewalk repository.

As a minimum, a Spacewalk server should have 8GB RAM. If the Spacewalk server also runs the database for the Spacewalk data, this memory requirement is in addition to what is required to run the database.