Oracle SRM SmartCap app

Important: This app has been removed from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and is no longer available for new customers. Existing customers can use the app with no change in service until Oracle Social Cloud is deprecated September 30, 2020. Customers whose service period ends prior to this may renew up until this date. Please speak to your account manager for more information and alternative solutions.

Oracle SRM SmartCap (Smart Create a Post) is an integration with Oracle's Social Relationship Management (SRM) Tool. SmartCap takes the information from an Oracle Eloqua landing page and pushes it to SRM. This allows you to schedule a post on a variety of social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. Those posts will drive people back to the Oracle Eloqua hosted landing page.

To participate in discussions with other users of both SRM and Oracle Eloqua, join the Topliners SRM/Eloqua users group.


Installing the Oracle SRM SmartCap app

Pushing a landing page to the Oracle SRM SmartCap service


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