Cloud Machine

Oracle Cloud Machine, also known as Oracle Public Cloud Machine, brings the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and key cloud services to your data center.

The latest version of Cloud Machine offers additional cloud services and capabilities on a newer, faster and easier-to-scale hardware platform.

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Learn About Oracle Cloud Machine

Browse the information, testimonials, and videos available on the Oracle Cloud Web site for more information about how Oracle Cloud Machine can help you take full advantage of Cloud computing with all the security and control of your data center.

Already Ordered a Subscription?

If you've already ordered a subscription to the latest Oracle Cloud Machine release, then have a look at the following:

  • The Customer Deployment Guide, which provides details about how you can prepare your data center for the delivery of your Cloud Machine hardware.
  • Getting Started with Oracle Cloud Machine, which covers your specific responsibilities and how to get started after Oracle Operations has set up and configured Oracle Cloud Machine in your data center.

Services Available on Oracle Cloud Machine

The latest release of Oracle Cloud Machine includes the Oracle Cloud My Services Application, as well as the following services are currently available on Oracle Cloud Machine:

Looking for the Previous Release?

If you're already using Oracle Cloud Machine, access the documentation for our previous Oracle Cloud Machine release here.