Typical Workflow to Perform Common Administration Tasks

Here are the common tasks for Oracle Analytics Cloud administrators managing data visualization and enterprise modeling services.

Task Description More Information

Manage what users see and do

Configure what users see and do in Oracle Analytics Cloud using the Application Role page in the Console.

Manage What Users Can See and Do

Back up and restore content

Back up and restore the semantic model, catalog content, and application roles using a file called a snapshot.

Take Snapshots and Restore

Create database connections

Connect to one or more databases.

Manage Database Connections for Semantic Models

Set up virus scanning

Connect to your virus scanning server.

Configure a Virus Scanner

Register safe domains

Authorize access to safe domains.

Register Safe Domains

Set up social channels for content sharing

Enable users to share content on Twitter, Slack, Oracle Cloud Storage, and Oracle Content Management.

Set Up Social Channels for Sharing Visualizations

Set Up a Public Container to Share Visualizations

Set up email deliveries

Connect to your email server.

Set Up an Email Server to Deliver Reports

Track the Reports You Distribute By Email or Through Agents

Enable agents to deliver content

Allow users to use agents to deliver their content.

Enable and Customize Content Delivery Through Agents

Suspend and Resume Deliveries

Restore and Enable Delivery Schedules

Manage the types of devices that deliver content

Configure devices for your organization.

Manage the Types of Devices that Deliver Content

Manage maps

Manage map layers and background maps.

Manage Map Information for Analyses

Switch to a different language Understand how Oracle Analytics Cloud supports different languages and how to switch between them. Switch to a Different Language
Update the cloud storage password Update the cloud storage password if the credentials required to access the cloud storage container changes or expires. Update the Cloud Storage Password