19 Review and Edit Documents

Whether you are working with documents at a production level or small batch level, most likely you will need to review, adjust, and reorganize them. The documents task bar in the Content Capture Client provides you with the functionality to review and update documents before you release them for indexing, further processing, or committing to the Oracle Content Management repository.

Here is what you can do when you are reviewing and editing documents:
  • Create, view, duplicate, and delete documents.
  • Navigate to a specific page, insert, append, replace, and delete pages.
  • Copy, paste, and clear metadata values.
  • Increase and decrease the magnification level.
  • Change the page display, entire height and entire width, to fit in the window.
  • Rotate an image to the left and right 90 degrees.
  • Rotate the selected page upside down 180 degrees.
  • Print the selected page to the selected printer.
  • Display file information for the selected document.

For step-by-step information, see: