Part III Scanning and Importing Documents

You scan and import hardcopy (printed) and electronic documents using the Content Capture Client, which is the software you install on your local computer. You can download the software installer from the Oracle Content Management web interface. If you have not done so already, discuss your batch processing needs with your procedure manager who will configure your Content Capture Client environment to help you accomplish your goals efficiently and speedily. The procedure manager configures your client environment to either capture documents or index documents, or do both. Based on your job requirements, you can convert, index, and reorganize these documents. You can insert blank pages between documents. If your business requires bar code processing and your document profile is configured to support that, then any bar codes on image documents are captured automatically and associated with the business records to which they belong. Documents are also indexed based on the predefined metadata including bar code numbers to make them easily searchable in Oracle Content Management.

Here are the main tasks you do with the Content Capture Client: